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What is Video Discovery?

Find out what this exciting (and profitable) new technology for publishers is all about. Learn how the big platforms are using Video Discovery to satisfy their users and keep them consuming more video content.

Driving Users to Consume More Video

Increasing consumption is key. The more users consume video on your website, the longer they stay on your site, and the more inventory that can be offered. But how is that done?

How to Monetize Every Opportunity

Having the right perspective can make all the difference. Learn how to look at operations through the eyes of an advertiser, but execute them like an ad ops expert. Download this guide to grow your revenue. 

Mastering Video Optimization

Optimizing the monetization process to achieve the best results for every opportunity is what we're all after. But how do you optimize video content for maximum engagement and consumption? 

Working with Partners You Trust

There is no real option to do Video Discovery without help; video unit, content, discovery engine, and of course monetization. Find out how you can find a partner who delivers. 

If It Isn't Simple, It Won't Work

Simplicity is paramount to Video Discovery. The old ways of manually choosing and distributing videos are inefficient and deliver a bad user experience. If it's taking too much time and resources, you're doing it wrong.

“Doing video better by getting users to consume more video is the ultimate goal. Using Video Discovery like the big platforms do can give publishers a big advantage.”

Rotem Shaul, Co-CEO at Primis

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Why read this eBook?

  • Learn why all the big publishers and platforms are using video discovery on their sites and apps.
  • Discover the underlying trends that are causing videos to be consumed at staggering rate across the internet.
  • Find the newest ways to build a video stack and strategy from industry experts.
  • Get the best practices to deliver a great user experience with video!
  • Learn how discovery technology can change everything you thought you knew about video monetization. 

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Primis is a global Video Discovery platform which increases revenue for publishers by helping their users discover high quality video content.

Our video discovery technology is used by 100s of digital publishers, empowering 200M uniques with an engagement-based video experience that recommends video content they love, automatically skipping content they don’t interact with.

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