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Switching From Outstream to Video Discovery, Ranker’s Video Revenue Grew by 150%

The fan-powered rankings publisher wanted to offer a better user experience to promote their videos and generate more opportunities to run their direct campaign — they got what they wished for with Primis’ video discovery unit.


Ranker is the leader in fan-powered rankings in just about every category. Whatever the topic ⁠— TV, movies, video games, sports, brands, or food ⁠— Ranker puts the vote into the hands of millions, rather than a few critics, to answer the questions we are most passionate about. Headquartered in Los Angeles with over 115 employees, the digital media company also has offices in NYC and Chicago.

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The switch from outstream to video discovery was seamless as the Primis team worked with us hands-on to ensure everything met our specifications. Our monetization improved dramatically, and we started offering a better user experience, promoting our videos in a contextually relevant way. The Primis team constantly offered advice and suggested new ways to optimize our activity. This created a feeling of real partnership and showed us their care for our business and its growth. We can now offer a more robust video experience for both our users and advertisers."

Christopher Donnelly,
Senior Director of Ad Operations & Programmatic Yield at Ranker

The Challenge

Ranker turned to Primis when searching for a replacement for their outstream unit, aiming to increase monetization opportunities and sell more direct campaigns. The sales team wanted to focus their efforts to capitalize on publisher's unique data sets, housed under "Ranker Insights". This was a great reason to fasten the process. On top of that, the Ranker team wanted to grow their in-house video viewership, which was only displayed on YouTube at that point.


The Solution

Ranker's designated account manager at Primis helped the publisher transition from an outstream unit to a video discovery unit. The Primis unit utilizes seamless design and float capabilities to promote Ranker's videos to users, recommending contextually relevant content. One of the publisher's most significant needs was having the ability to serve their direct campaigns and have complete control over how they are managed. The Primis team, who made the requested customizations, quickly met this need. This allowed the publisher to move all of their video monetization to Primis, and as a result, RPMs skyrocketed.

The change to a video discovery unit had notable effects on a few key metrics from both content consumption and monetization angles. The number of videos shown per page and per user’s session rose significantly, and this led to dramatic growth in direct and programmatic inventory. Overall, Ranker's video revenue grew by 150% compared to previous months. The Primis unit offered a better user experience and also has better KPIs for Ranker's demand partners.

Seamless Design
Float Capabilities
Increased Video Views


With Primis, Ranker’s video opportunities have increased by 40% year over year. Ranker’s duration increased, as well as its RPV, which dramatically rose by 82% year over year. Before switching to Primis’ video discovery platform, Ranker’s had a video share of 23% of its total revenue in 2021. In 2022, video accounted for 35%, an increase of 52%. Year over year, direct sales and PMP deals have increased by 76%, with PMPs alone rocketing 328%.

Direct & PMP




Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

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