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Video Monetization

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  • Discover how you can harness video to enhance not only monetization, but also user experience
  • Learn the five rules for engaging users with video and why it's so important to keep their attention
  • Find out how context can drive engagement and why contextual is as important to content as it is to advertising
  • Study our tips for increasing viewability and how making a few small changes can rocket your profit
  • Get our exclusive expert insights on the absolute best monetization strategies for video

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Primis is the leading video discovery platform. Primis provides publishers with an expertly monetized video ad unit that recommends highly engaging video content that is relevant to users, based on the context of the page where it is located. In short, we make publishers money and make their readers happy!

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Primis provides publishers with automated video content recommendations that keep their users happy and engaged