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The State of Video Consumption and Advertising

Video consumption continues to grow at an incredible rate. At the same time, video advertising is the fastest-growing advertising channel. What does that mean for digital publishers?

What’s Driving This Video Revolution?

As technology has evolved, the quality of the user experience has risen dramatically. Find out the underlying reasons for the renaissance of video consumption and advertising.

5G: The Next Technological Evolution

When 5G will become more available it will be a battle to be seen among the vast amounts of video content. Learn what publishers could do to keep their head above the current.

Generation Video: Evolving Video Consumption Habits

While people of all ages are consuming video, Millennials and Generation Z are watching video at ever-increasing rates. This changes what’s expected of content providers.

How You Can Take Advantage of Growing Video Consumption

Any serious publisher should have a video strategy in place now and be prepared to continue to grow it as 5G rolls out. Most publishers are using video but may lack the expertise or technology to maximize the opportunity.

8 Tactics to Increase Video Consumption on Your Site

The opportunity is there right now. It’s only going to grow as technology evolves and 5G spreads. Learn 8 actionable ways you can increase video consumption (and monetization) on your site!

In this guide we packed as many actionable insights as possible, in the interest of helping publishers get ready for the massive changes and challenges 5G technology will create for their business models

Jacob Simkovich, Head of Marketing at Primis


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  • Learn about the upcoming 5G revolution and what challenges it will bring about.
  • Discover the underlying trends that are pushing the video consumption explosion.
  • Educate yourself on the opportunities and challenges the video renaissance will bring about.
  • Get 8 strategic methods that will allow you to take advantage of the upcoming changes!
  • Learn how discovery technology can help capture the attention of your users in an overcrowded content landscape.

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