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Digital Privacy in the 20s

GDPR in the European Union and CCPA in the United States are just the beginning of what we’ll see in privacy legislation moving forward. What legislation will be next?

Browsers Speed Up Change With ITP

The real game changer in the space is the sunset of third-party cookies preventing cross-site tracking in major browsers. Learn what all this means for you.

Which ID Solution Will Win?

ID solutions have emerged, aiming to help publishers mitigate the damages through some form of universal ID. Find out which one you should adopt.

Impact on Publishers

The chaos of regulations and technological changes will hurt some players, while helping others. Learn what publishers could do to keep their head above the current.

The Future is Contextual

Good old contextual marketing, powered by smart automation, and combined with whatever form of tracking exists in the future, will become a powerful combination.

User Experience Takes Center Stage

The 2020s is the decade where consumers will demand to be heard. Technological restrictions, laws and regulations will reflect that. Don't resist, ride the wave. 

In this white paper, you will gain insights into recent privacy trends that are affecting publishers and how they will evolve over the coming decade.

Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO at Primis


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  • Discover the latest industry changes, what they really mean, and how they affect you.
  • Have a look into the possible future of privacy regulations and technological changes.
  • Find out how you can protect your interests and maybe even benefit by preparing yourself for the upcoming changes.
  • Learn why this is all happening, why it is a good thing, and how you can utilize the user sentiment.
  • Get our exclusive expert insights on how contextual and smart automation can enhance user online experience, 

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