8 Tactics
to Increase Video
Consumption on
Your Site
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Video on Every Page

If you don’t have video on every page you are missing out on a chance to engage your users and a great video monetization opportunity. It doesn’t have to be an original clip for each page, but it should still be relevant to each user.

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Maximize View Time

The longer a video is viewable, the more opportunity you have to engage visitors and fill an ad. A collapsable unit can increase viewability by 51%, and revenue by up to 139%!

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The Perfect Placement on Page

While a video that expands on the subject matter of the article should be high up in the text, video discovery units should often be placed lower down on the page.

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Size Considerations

Your video unit should be big enough to engage users and enhance CPMs, but small enough to not disturb the user’s journey and viewability. On average, a width of 500-550px is optimal.

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Additional Viewing Units

Having a secondary video ad unit that is separate from the main one featuring the article video provides an additional way to monetize your site. If the primary video unit doesn’t float or enable discovery, it leaves a lot of ad inventory on the table.

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Engaging and Relevant Videos

You may have only one chance to engage a given user and get them hooked. Make sure you have the right technology that knows which video has the best chances of being consumed. Create a playlist by data-driven decision making as opposed to gut instinct.

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Grab Their Attention!

When you are trying to engage with someone, you’re competing with the toughest competitor there is: TIME. Most users will decide on whether to click based on four things: the title, thumbnail, relevance and opening act.

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Contextual Targeting

Make sure the video you display fits into the content around it. Primis research revealed dramatic increases in engagement when using contextual targeting. Publishers switching to contextual targeting showed an average increase of 94% in user engagement.

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